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We are a co-educational, voluntary secondary school under the patronage of the Board of Governors. Currently there are about 175 pupils from all over the greater Dublin area and further afield. The school is situated beside St Patrick's Cathedral, which provides an ancient setting for major services and special occasions.

As the ethos of the school is that of Church of Ireland, we are ecumenical, open and welcoming, believing children learn and benefit greatly from interacting with others of a different background, race or creed. This encourages tolerance and acceptance in our multicultural society.

Our mission is to encourage students to strive for excellence in their academic studies and extra-curricular activities. We try to create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning, in which we can help students to reach their full potential.

Being small in size the school is very much a community, where students of all ages mix happily. As a community we seek to instill respect, integrity, courtesy, kindness and consideration for others.

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