Pastoral Care


Being a small school, St Patrick’s is a very close community. Students are encouraged to be caring and considerate of each other and of those in the wider community beyond the school environs.

Mind Your Mental Health - there are several organsisations available to students and parents - especially during difficult Coronavirus times. Click here to access them

Every year students fund raise for a number of Charities, and in doing so learn about the work of these organisations and the tremendous good that they do. One such organisation that has especially caught their imagination is Operation Christmas Child. This organisation asks each student to fill a shoe box full of Christmas gifts for a boy or girl in another country who would otherwise receive nothing at Christmas.

Transition year students in particular invite speakers from many charitable organisations to the school, to discuss the work of the charity. Frequently they proceed to fundraise for several of these organisations.

If students have difficulties, our counsellor, Ms Harrington, is available and students may meet with her to discuss in confidence any issues that may be troubling them. A confidential appointment may be arranged through the school office.

Finally, all members of the teaching staff including the Rev Oxley (School Chaplain), Deputy Principal and Principal are always willing to discuss issues with any student who may need support or assistance.