Classroom Guidelines


Classroom Guidelines

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  • 1. Arrive to class on time

  • 2. Have all books / equipment for class with you

  • 3. Do not eat, drink or chew in class

  • 4. Have homework done to the best of your ability

  • 5. Sit quietly in your allocated seat (if allocated)

  • 6. Remain seated unless permission to move is given by your teacher

  • 7. Take out journal, books and homework promptly

  • 8. Listen attentively during class

  • 9. If you want to ask a question, please raise your hand

  • 10. Be respectful when addressing your teacher and fellow students

  • 11. Participate in all class work

  • 12. Make sure you note all homework carefully in your journal

  • 13. Pick up any papers / rubbish on or under your desk

  • 14. Tuck your chair/stool neatly under your desk

  • 15. Wait at your desk until given permission to leave

  • 16. Put any rubbish into the correct bin as you leave

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