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School Community

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Board of Governors

Dean W.W. Morton (Chairman), Canon P.R. Campion, Canon N. J. Sloane, Canon C.W. Mullen, Canon D.W. Oxley, Mr. C. Christie, Mr. B. Duffy, Mr. S. Hayes, Professor R. West

Secretary to the Board of Governors

Mr. D. Gordon


Board of Management

Dr. K. Houston (Chairman), Ms. S Sweeney, Canon P.R. Campion, Mr C Lynch, Ms. D. Garvey, Mr. T. Gill (Secretary), Ms. C Keville, Ms K Bermingham, Dr. E. Walshe, Prof. R. West.


Teaching Staff 2019-20

Principal Mr. T. Gill, B.A. Mod.(Hons.), M.Ed., H.Dip.Ed.(Hons.). (Biology)

Deputy Principal Ms. S. Corkery, B.Comm. European, H.Dip.Ed. (French, S.P.H.E.)

Ms. Á. Balfe, B.Mus.Ed, Grad. Dip Mus., Ed; A.T.C.L; L.T.C.L; M. Mus (Performance) (Music)

Mr. E. Brady, B.A , P.G.C.E.  (Geography, P.E.)

Ms. K.Burke, B.Comm., PME. (Business & Maths)

Ms R. Condon, B.A., P.G.C.E.  (Gaelige, English)

Ms. S. Cullen, B.A., H.Dip.Ed. (English, History).

Mr. M. Doyle, B.A.(Hons.), H.Dip.Ed., M.Phil. (English & French)

Ms C. Duggan,  B. MUS. ED. M.A. CLCS French. B. HIS. ED (Music)

Ms. K. Kavanagh, M.Sc, H.Dip.Ed.  MA (Mathematics, Business, I.C.T.)

Mr. C. Kirwan, B. Des.(Ceramics), H.Dip. Art and Design. (Art, SPHE)

Mr. A. Lawless, BSc (Biology, PE) 

Mr C. Lynch, B.Sc., B.A.Ed. H.Dip Ed. (Business, Accounting & Mathematics)

Mr. M. Macari, B.E. B.Eng.Tech., PME (Maths, Physics, Coding)

Ms. C. McCarthy, B.Sc.  HdipEd, MEd(Chemistry Science, Mathematics)

Ms C.  McFadden B.A., P.G.D.E, H.Dip (History, English & French)

Ms. R. McMahon, B.A., PME. (French & Spanish) 

Ms A O'Brien, B.A. PME (English, Religious Education, Coding)

Canon D. W. Oxley, B.A., B.Th. (Religious Education)

Ms. H. Staunton, B.A., H.Dip.Ed., P.G.D.E. (Learning Support)

Ms. S. Sweeney, B. Ed. (Home Economics, Economics & Business)

Ms. H Tyrrell, BA Arts, P.M.E ( History, Geography)

Mr. S Whyte, BA, PME, (Gaeilge, Geography)

Ms H. Smith (SNA)

Ms C. Smyth (SNA)


Guidance and Counselling

Ms P Harrington, BA, H.Dip.Ed., MA in Guidance and Lifespan Development

Administrative Staff


Mr. D. Gordon

Office Staff

Ms. H. Farrell

Ms. A. Watchorn.



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