Student Council

Student Council

Student Council

The student council at St. Patrick’s Cathedral Grammar School consists of sixteen students, from 1st to 6th year. Student council elections are held at the beginning of each year. Students are nominated by their peers and are voted for by secret ballot. Meetings are held fortnightly on Mondays during lunch. There are times, apart from meetings, when representatives may need to be excused from class. Members of the Student Council wear badges to identify themselves.


Meetings take place between the Student Council and other members of the school community to address concerns among the student body and improve school life. They are consulted on policy changes or reviews and provide the students with a voice on these matters. The Student Council organise fundraising event and student activities in the school. For this academic year, the Chairperson is Sammy Barsoum, Vice-Chairperson is Jools McAuley Pratt and the Secretary is Holly Urwin as elected by the members of the Student Council at their first meeting of the academic year.

The Student Council have recently reviewed and updated St Patrick's CGS' Student Council's Constitution. It can be read in full here.

Members of the Student Council 2019-2020

Form 1

IP Finn Buckley, Hazel Walsh             1K David Lindsay, E Victoria Ogbata

Form 2

2P Matthew Parminter, Saoirse Graham        2K Daniel McNally, Mia Crotty

Form 3

Jools McAuley Pratt, Sarah Moore

Form 4
Rory McElligott, Georgia McCormick

Form 5
James Parminter, Sadie Ní Cheirigh

Form 6

Sam Barsoum, Holly Urwin

Liaison Teacher

Ms.  Á Balfe