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Attendance & Punctuality


When students return to school after any absence:

Students must produce a written explanation / email for their absence from a parent/guardian. 

Late Arrival

If a student is late, without an emailed excuse by 11am from a parent or guardian, they have an automatic 15 minute detention at lunchtime that day. Failure to attend this detention will result in an after school detention on Wednesday.

Learning is the most important activity in our school. To learn effectively students must arrive to their classes on time and with all the books and other equipment they require. Late arrival by students not only interferes with their own learning but disrupts the learning of others.

Classes begin at 8.50 am. 
They need at least five minutes to remove their coat and collect their belongings for class or they will be late for class.

When a student arrives late:

They must sign in at the office – clearly stating their name name and class.

Class registers will be updated daily by the secretaries, clearly indicating lateness or absence by students.

Sanctions will apply for late arrival, as for unexplained absences, unless an email or phone call is received from their parent or guardian explaining their lateness or by 11.00 am to giving a reasonable explanation for their child’s late arrival.


1. % attendance and % late arrival will be recorded on all school reports.

2. Attendance and punctuality will be commented upon in all school references, either favourably or unfavourably.

3. The NEWB require schools to keep accurate and detailed records of absenteeism and late arrival for all students. The annual return to the NEWB includes all students regardless of age.


As the ethos of the school is that of Church of Ireland, we are ecumenical, open and welcoming, believing children learn and benefit greatly from interacting with others of a different background, race or creed.

This encourages tolerance and acceptance in our multicultural society.


Our mission is to encourage students to strive for excellence in their academic studies and extra-curricular activities.

We try to create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning, in which we can help students to reach their full potential.


Being small in size the school is very much a community, where students of all ages mix happily. As a community we seek to instill respect, integrity, courtesy, kindness and consideration for others.

“Education is not preparation for life – education is life itself”


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