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Over the past Five years, a new branch of Student Voice has been set up in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral Grammar School. The Tiered Leadership Programme was launched to nurture leadership qualities amongst our Senior Cycle Students.

In Sixth Year, we have Prefects, a coveted leadership role. Students apply and interview for the role. From the successful applicants, our Head Prefects are picked by their peers and staff members. The prefects work tirelessly to be positive role models to the entire student body. Their roles include monitoring the breaktimes, welcoming visitors to the school, attending Parent/Teacher meetings to guide parents around the school. They assist in the organisation of Open Days/Christmas Services and Awards and run a charity event for the charity of their choosing.

Fifth Years apply and interview to be Mentors to First Years. They are selected the year before they go into Fifth Year and are present for in the incoming First Year’s testing and first day in school. A “buddy system” is applied whereby, three mentors are assigned to each first-year class. They visit their groups during tutor time on a weekly basis to check in. They organise wellbeing events like a team bonding day, mindful moments, surprise treats or a walk in the park. They assist with all activities involving First years during College Awareness Week. They have previously taught study skills and stress management techniques to the First Years. This “buddy system” is really helping the First Years to settle into and become involved in extra curricular activities.

Transition Year students apply and interview to become Peer Leaders and Cyber Safety Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. Our TY Peer Leaders help in the running of College Awareness Week and Wellbeing Week. Last year, they designed and set up various quiet spaces around the school which will provide a safe, quiet space for all students to visit in search of a break from the daily hustle and bustle. They also work in conjunction with the Anti-Bullying Team and help with surveys and measures on a weekly basis. In the past, they have been crucial in our whole-school objective to have an anti-bullying campaign and inclusion activities taught to all school-goers, as they helped run the cyber safety anti-bullying initiatives with DCU and PDST.

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